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Our #1 concern is your baby’s health! It matters to us because children are our future. What we do to preserve our environment and children’s health now is going to have a great impact on generations to come.

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Why EZ Trainers™ & EZ Pants™?

Our back-to-basics approach allows toddlers to feel when they are wet, making them want to use the potty more often. This approach causes less skin irritation and saves our landfills from loads of waste that takes over 500 years to decompose.  EZ Trainers™ and EZ Pants™ are safe and simple to use.

Simply pull pants up or down, no hassle trying to unzip, unbutton and unclamp pants while rushing to the bathroom.

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Meet Jennifer

Hello, my name is Jennifer, and I am a mom of twin boys and have been a childcare provider for over 25 years. After successfully potty-training hundreds of toddlers, I have always felt there was a simpler and safer way to train toddlers on how to go to the potty. Seeing children go to the hospital because of chemical burns caused by toxins in disposables, led to the invention of EZ Trainers™ and EZ Pants™.